Restaurant Patio de San Diego

Patio de San Diego Restaurant, in Grazalema, is a new project of gastronomic restoration, full of illusions, created by tourism entrepreneurs Rocío Romero and Diego Guerrero, who welcome you to their establishments in Olvera, La Muela (Algodonales) and Grazalema.

In June 2023 “Patio de San Diego” will open its doors to serve you and offer you excellent dishes, prepared with fresh and seasonal products from the region, accompanied by local wines and served in a simple, fresh, calm and pleasant atmosphere.

The large Andalusian courtyard forms the back of a 19th century manor house. The restaurant also has a cosy interior lounge where the fireplace accompanies meals and gatherings on cold winter days.

Rocío and Diego, have the experience, the team, the desire and the enthusiasm to offer the best: good food and good service in this picturesque place in the centre of one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Grazalema, where the Hospedería Casa de las Piedras is located, the most established establishment in this town, open to the public since 1952. The building is situated very close to the main square of the village, with direct access to the restaurant from the courtyard via Calle San Juan, although it can also be accessed via the reception, located at the main entrance of the annexed Hospedería, via Calle las Piedras.

The gastronomic offer of “Patio de San Diego” includes quality meats and traditional stews from the Sierra de Cádiz. There are also various types of salads and fish such as Conil sea bass or red tuna, which are prepared with Diego Guerrero’s personal touch. The establishment’s menu is augmented by suggestions of the day served in individual portions, although tapas are also available.

The restaurant’s style combines several styles: the innovative touch of the starters, the grilled meats with the occasional seafood incursion and a line of rice dishes with original mixtures, which can be served for one person, if the customer requests it. The chef tries to imbue it with the same personality that he gives to the rest of his creations.

Among the customer’s favourites are the chef’s salads, such as the avocado salad, with chunks of mango, tomatoes and trout roe, complemented by buttons of a special sauce. The dish is an evolution of the old seafood cocktail but taken to the extreme of authentic flavours in a colourful presentation.

In this section of the appetisers, the foie gras torrija stands out, accompanied by apple and caramelised onion. One of the latest additions to the menu is the cannelloni with avocados filled with tartar sauce and covered with tomato jam made by the chef himself on the spot.

Although it varies, the carnivorous proposals usually include local beef, Argentinian beef or even wagyu, the Japanese breed, with replicas also in other countries, which is very popular with gourmets. The meats are cooked on a charcoal grill and accompanied by vegetables, baked potatoes and flavoured with spices. Interesting cuts such as T-bone steak, sirloin steak or more select parts such as T-bonne or Tomahawk.

They also work with lamb from Segovia cooked in the oven, or Iberian pork from Guijuelo.

“As an added value to such a personal gastronomic style, we pay special attention to the tastes and requests of our customers, because our maxim is always to make them feel at home and enjoy a gastronomic experience that encourages them to come back”.

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Curiosities about the restaurant, the house and its managers

The first restaurant opened by Diego Guerrero, El Mirador de San Diego, is located in La Muela, a district of Algodonales, near the Vía Verde de la Sierra. He built it himself using an old family cowshed, giving it all the charm and essence that together with his very personal cuisine has led him to consolidate an interesting clientele over the last 4 years. At the age of nine, Diego already cooked a turkey for Christmas lunch, with great success by the way. Later, he put together a collection of more than 5,000 recipes, which he used to impress at family gatherings, “with suggestions and flavours that he invented himself”. In July 2014, this first restaurant was inaugurated and in 2021 he reopened another establishment in Olvera, located in an old farmhouse belonging to the Pueblo Blanco campsite, where he also has a reservation list.

In 2023 he is presented with the opportunity to take over the management of Casa de las Piedras in Grazalema, a tourist village par excellence. In addition, Rocío and Diego put their attention on this establishment because of its charm and because it has a long family tradition that has kept it alive, always offering the purest rural style “fonda y comida” since 1952.

After 42 years at the head of the García Naranjo family, this enterprising couple from Montellano, Rocío and Diego, have become part of the project. They have put their stamp on it and with their experience have implemented actions in line with the new trends in tourism, without losing the essence of that legacy of antiquity and history that is breathed in this Guest House or Fonda, which their customers generously called “Casa de Huéspedes” or “Fonda”.

“Cayetana Hilton” (alluding to the name of one of its owners in the past) and where people from all over the world have enjoyed staying and tasting delicious village delicacies, cooked over a slow fire and with great dedication by Cayetana and Mari Pepa de la Rosa, who were the original owners, and later by Francisca and her family.