What to do in Grazalema?

The main festivals and activities in Grazalema

Grazalema is a small town but with a lot of sports and cultural activity, in all its facets, throughout the year. Festivals and events of all kinds delight both Grazalemeños and its visitors, allowing us to publicize our heritage, social, cultural and, of course, also gastronomic values, while we enjoy the wonderful environment that surrounds us. Depending on the season we can enjoy thematic contests and exhibitions, whether they are painting, photography or crafts; Theater displays; Musical performances; sporting events, hiking trails and all kinds of scheduled activities in nature, including workshops and conferences related to the environment, etc.

The main festivities, celebrations that go back to several centuries in the past, are as follows:

The first summer celebration is Romería de San Isidro, celebrated on the last Sunday of May. People celebrate the arrival of summer with a lively procession of almost all the village inhabitants descending towards the meadow at the valley of the river bank. As traditional, there is plenty of food and drinks and hustle of horses and decked out riders, organizing contests related to the equestrian theme. The party continues all day long until at dusk everyone goes back to the village with the same festive mood.

During the third week of July, Fiestas del Carmen are celebrated. They start with an Announcement at the end of June and they continue on Thursday and Friday with Noches Flamencas: a recital of singing and dancing in a beautiful stage, the Huerto de San José Park, next to the church that holds the same name. On Saturday, the Carmen brotherhood offers a concert by the local Musical Grouping in the San José Church and, as usual, the traditional fireworks in Los Peñascos Square take place, since it is the highest square in the village. On Sunday, at noon, there is a fake Toro de la Cuerda for children and, in the afternoon, the main event of this festivity takes place: the procession of the Virgin through the streets of the village, all decked out for this event. At the dawn of Monday, everyone is groomed with the “Toro enmaromado” running of the bulls, which take place again through the village streets at 12 am and 7 pm. Every night there will be delightful music and dance until dawn. (Visit the webpage of Peña Ñunes of Toro de Cuerda)

On the third week of August, “Fiestas Mayores” are celebrated. These are four days of celebrations that include live music, dancing, heifer loosening, contests and various activities, concluding the celebrations with the ascension of the Patroness Our Lady of the Angels in a small but solemn night procession, from the Hermitage, that can be visited during the whole year, until the village, to therefore walk her through the village and then descend her again to the temple at nightfall on the 8th of September, the official day of this patroness.

On the first weekend of October we return to 1832 with the Historical Recreation "Blood and Love in the Sierra". Bandits and migueletes (soldiers of King Ferdinand VII) return to relive an event that marked the history of Grazalema, of its mountains, and which featured José María Hinojosa "El Tempranillo". Recreation in which more than 500 people participate, perfectly dressed in costumes of the time and that captures in almost fifty representations the life of a bandit who lived in the Sierra de Grazalema the sweetest and bitterest moments of his life: the birth of his son and the death of his beloved, María Jerónima Francés. A tasty gastronomic, musical and activities proposal surround an event that, if you live it, will captivate you forever.

Fiestas Grazalema

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