Project Vyve

A life project FOR YOU, if your concept of being a tourist is different; if you want to immerse yourself in this rural environment; if you like to feel close, if you want to change your lifestyle for a while, away from the acceleration of the crowd and in contact with healthy and peaceful lifestyle habits, in a special destination where you can put stress aside; if you have concerns, curiosities, desire to face new challenges; if you are ready to capture the essence of authentic and simple things; if you are fond of art in any of its fields; if you want to share experiences and knowledge, learning and/or teaching, receiving and/or giving any course/workshop on the subject or theme that you want to have or have knowledge of with other clients or residents of the town; or if you simply want to collaborate and/or exchange experiences by participating in the activities or tutorials that groups of the town could offer, this is your place and for this reason we want to welcome you and make you feel like one more neighbor among these streets and unpublished corners.

And if during your stay you receive visits from family and friends, they will also benefit from special prices.

What do we offer and what can you do?

  • Accommodation in a room with a bathroom or in an apartment with a kitchen
  • Full board / half board (currently not available)
  • Use of kitchen (for those staying in rooms)
  • Laundry service or access to a washing machine
  • Work room (here you can paint, write, exhibit, meet to share experiences…)
  • Information on municipal and private socio-cultural and sports activities
  • Access to shared transportation
  • Participation in organized routes with visits to orchards, mills, farmhouses in the area; visits to other towns, attendance at events, etc.
  • Elaboration of traditional gastronomy in which you can participate.
  • Collaboration with the different cultural/sports associations of the town and participation in workshops or courses.
  • Volunteer activities organized by other entities.
  • Physiotherapy, spa, massages, yoga, dance…
  • Interculturality: conversation in several languages, participation in activities with other people of different cultures and nationalities…

If you are interested in being part of this program, leave us your email or postal mail and we will send you more specific information about planned workshops, prices and dates.